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Small sticky ideas

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Large visions, big ideas. The next big thing, that what nobody thought of yet. More of these terms.

I do find it hard in our growing heap of collected things (things as in everything) to see a transparency that will frame a new big idea. I am not discussing the next ipad idea, but the wheel kind of idea. Our rate of innovation as a whole is slowing down, yet we put more effort. It is hard to cut first through the cobwebs of the old ideas to get ready to form a new one, based on the shoulders of others before you. Ideas. So are we hard at work as a species to push a plug through a narrow bend at this point of time, or are we using the wrong method(s)? I have no idea. Not even a small one. Big ideas will come, some brilliant mind will have some, and an apparent need will fuel its greatness. It will just happen less

often over time. The rate is slowing down.


Enter: Self assembly in idea formation.

Background: in my field of protein engineering one can rationally design and tinker with the protein for a while to obtain desired results. If said desired results do not come, we move to more randomized approaches.  (Directed) evolution, letting the forces of physics find the lowest energy minimum. Also in the world of biomaterials and nanoparticles we see a trend toward self assembly of per-defined components that yield the desired product. Making small changes in the starting materials has sometimes no effect on the final product, sometimes a huge effect. Within this framework some other scientist like to observe, model and predict patterns and behaviors.

So what is it not? We learn quickly from Wikipedia, and I quote: “Self-organization is a nonequilibrium process where self-assembly is a spontaneous process that leads toward equilibrium.” So I do not want to discuss Self-organization of ideas, nor do I want to explore to predict idea patterns in a Seldonian kind of way (thanks Asimov!).


would like to think, or lets say that better, explore the idea of developing a set of small sticky ideas (note: improve marketing term in a later stage), which are not dynamic. Such SSI’s must end in an equilibrium.

Changes in self assembly rates of adsorption (to interfaces f) and (re-)organization of the balanced Idea (bI) structure result in different Ideas.

It would be great to play with this here. To combine a few SSIs and let them form a bI. To think about what interfaces the SSIs encounter (is it us the thinkers for example?) and how do we know an an equilibrium is reached?

In the end this small idea of Small Sticky Ideas may prove to be a dead end, or formulate a bigger Idea, or big Ideas may be formed after a methodology is thought of .


(or already has been thought of, then lets play…)

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Written by Marco

5 April, 2013 at 10:11 am

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