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Add-ons are fun, they are adding some cool things to an ever cooler web browser: Firefox. I have been involved in the testing of the Joga companion (you know when the World Championships dominated the planet), poked around in the, behind the scenes at SFX worked on pre-packed add-on bundles (AccessFirefox; with super ideas and input from Ken ;o) is a direct output of that, and the add-on competition. You could say I like add-ons…

Needless to say, when testers were asked to test a new add-on for ebay, I was up for it. So it is cool. As soon as the Add-on is in a stable and (semi)-final state I will post a new review here.

Also, once again, writing reviews, and want to post there here (full or as a link), just leave a comment somewhere. It would be cool…


Written by Marco

2 May, 2007 at 11:59 am

Posted in extension, Firefox

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