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Down them All review

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Yesterday I wanted to give a small show at work some pictures of Holland where I used to live. I wanted to present a slide show, but the site I have them on which normally works pretty good was reacting a bit slow. Maybe it was the calculations that I was running.

Then I remembered “Down-them-all” from these guys.

After installation I just right clicked in the page somewhere and was presented with a sub menu. I selected that I wanted to download the pictures and no links. I was surprised at the speed of downloading. The download manger was never that fast.

The downloads were tracked in a separate window. Nice feature. After Windows showed the slide show without hick-ups. Here an example with only links.

It was harder to find a site were I could find some videos to download. So you cannot download videos from Revver, Google video, and YouTube, to name a few, but if there are in bedded videos than no problem.


Another nice feature is the elaborate preference menu.

Good: delivers what you need, a fast down loader for content in a page

Bad: does not find pictures behind the links as some other download extension do.

Written by Marco

26 March, 2007 at 9:26 pm

Posted in extension, Firefox

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