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Tabbrowser Preferences review

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Name: Tabbrowser Preferences

Function: Enhanced control of tabbed browsing

One extension of personal preference which I always seem to install, and personal preference is what extensions are all about. Some extensions change feel (and look) of your browser, others add new functionality. I see Tabbrowser Preferences (or TBP) as the former, although it adds some small new features.

In the “old days” when Firefox was 0.9 and 1.0, I missed some handling of the tabs as were in the default settings, and when the tab-handling became more sophisticated in Firefox 1.5 and 2.0, I really thought I would delete TBP from my Firefox. But I did not. Why?

Options is the answer: if you like your tabs to open in the back ground, or tabs to open from the search or external links to open in the background, than that is possible after installing TBP.


As you can see from the image, you will find the options of the extension not were you usually find them (under [add-ons], <options>), but under [Tools], [Options], then select Tabbed browsing. All options of this extension are found in the same manner as Firefox 2 displays its option. So you see it is tightly anchored in the user interface (what we see as users).

Unfortunately, when you try to run Firefox in the safe mode (so without any extension active) TBP is still working as if we are not in the safe mode. This does not mean TBP is not safe, it is just not handy.

One feature I really like is one the tab-focus option: ‘select a tab when the mouse is moved over them’. It avoids clicking. Another feature I like I use on my linux site of my computer: in Ubuntu (Gnome as you might know), I have the tabs in Firefox at the bottom of the window. In both cases I like to load any new tab in the background. I guess I am just picky about my tabs…

Good: take control of you tabs, open them how you like, or how you focus them.

Bad: it could seem complicated at first with so many options! In safe mode TBP is not inactivated. Mmm, another computer with no TBP in your settings feels weird…

Tip: Install it, play around, and see what you like and dislike. Lets see if it survives Firefox 3 on my computer ;o)

Written by Marco

7 February, 2007 at 4:42 pm

Posted in extension, Firefox

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