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Foxmarks review

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Name: Foxmarks 0.84

Function: Synchronizing your bookmarks between two or more computers.

Using a dual boot computer, but you cannot keep track of you bookmarks? Well for some people a solution such as social-book marking, for example works nicely. You login to a website and all your bookmarks are there, and you can upload them to that site.

If you are ok with registering to a third party, and feel that uploading to another website is to much work, or like me, would like to have the my bookmarks on the Linux site and on my Windows site synchronized automatically, then you do have options.

When I visited the official add-on site to find a suitable extension, the rating system filtered Foxmarks to my attention.

First off the installation, a few easy steps created me a login and a password. I uploaded the bookmarks via the registry, and then I switched to my Linux side. Once again I installed Foxmarks, logged in this time, and was presented with the question to merge my bookmarks (between what I already uploaded), the take the bookmarks from my earlier upload and discard the bookmarks in this session, or delete my uploaded bookmarks and upload the bookmarks from this session. I decided to merge them, since I had some bookmarks I wanted to keep here, while keeping all my bookmarks from my windows side of the computer.

Now the synchronization, that is why I got this, is as easy as it gets: you do not do anything. Once in a while the bookmarks are checked and only the new ones added to your record. Then when you login to your other computer (or other boot configuration) the bookmarks get updated automatically. The result: I always have the same bookmarks on both Linux and Windows.

Of course Foxmarks can also be used to synchronise many computers (at home and in the office for example), it is all up to you.

Good things: automatic, can access my bookmarks also via the Foxmarks website, never any crashes or conflicts with other extensions (up till now), my bookmarks are backed-up.

Bad things: other than that my bookmarks being also in some database somewhere, I will let you know when bad things happen.

Written by Marco

27 January, 2007 at 2:49 pm

Posted in extension, Firefox

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